How to buy? FAQ.


Can I buy online?
- On our online shop you will see all the products in our catalog ; since shipping costs are quite different in each case , we suggest you send us an email and we will send you a quote .


Is it then necessary to register to see the catalog or buy?- No need to register in our store to see the catalog or buy . You can purchase by contacting us by phone or email if you wish.


How I can place an order and what happens when I do ?
- You can place an order at our store at any time. Select the products you want to buy , add them to the shopping cart and order your products , entering your personal details for registration with the order. Once you complete your order , confirmation will be mailed , and us another copy. Contacteremos with you, to inform the delivery . You can also place an order by phone , we will attend and answer all your questions between the hours of Monday to Thursday from 9h to 14h and 16h to 19.30h and Friday from 9h to 15h on the phone 955 719 246 .


Can you send the products to my address ?
- We ship worldwide, our products will perfectly secured to withstand carriage to their home. 

What are the shipping costs for my order?
- Due to the variety of products that includes our catalog , we can not offer a standard shipping price for all customers . When ordering we will indicate the shipping cost for your order . We assure you that the shipping will be cheaper, as we work with different carriers depending on your destination . 

How long does it take to serve the order?
- If we have the parts in stock , the order will be shipped within 24-72 hours depending on your destination. Whether to make the order just for you , it may take about 15 - 20 days..

What methods of payment are accepted ?
- We accept bank transfers. Our store is 100 % safe trade.

Can I customize the product with my preferences ?
- Totally , contact us to order the product in different sizes or colors, or special characteristics and offer a free quote .

How I can contact Hispalcerámica ?
- Our customer service department will kindly attend to all your questions , Monday to Thursday from 9h to 14h and 16h to 19.30h and Friday from 9h to 15h at ( +34) 955 719 246

What if my order arrives damaged or broken?
- In the event that your order arrives damaged or broken you must call within 24 hours to report the problem and will replace your product with a new one at no extra cost . After 24 hours of arrival , we will not charge for their transport defects occurred . 

Do you have exposure or shop to visit ?
- Currently we have no exposure to public visits , our exposure is virtual and here on our web site and store will see the vast majority of our products. In any case, if you want to schedule a visit to our factory and possible, they should contact us in advance.