Almacenes Web, the history of our handmade tiles Seville

Almacenes Web

In the fifteenth century , in the heat of the prosperity of the city of Seville , come to this certain foreign potters, Flemish and Italian , to teach local artisans using decorative methods used in their respective countries , which together with the technical and customs of the indigenous pottery, give rise to Seville ceramics configured as we understand it today , in relief, hand painted ...

Artisans like Frans Andries, Niculoso Pisano, Antonio and Tomaso Sambrino , who worked on Triana mid-fifteenth century , applied these techniques to the ones introduced by the Almohads during the Arab domination and local artisans practiced developing ceramic edge or rope dried and painted onto a glass layer . These taenicide coexist today, the result of study and tradition ALMACENES WEB born.

ALMACENES WEB is the extension of a Sevillian artistic ceramics workshop . It has the best ceramic artists in Spain . Using only traditional techniques , create murals, decorative art tiles for swimming pools, fountains , plaques, or any design you need. Whether to "restore " the place in your home or any building you want to play . We ship anywhere in the world .